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                     Carry every day. Your life depends on it.

We are approved instructors for Missouri and Illinois.
Approved curriculum # CCC13A0155

Not all concealed carry classes are created equally. Your training dollars need to be applied towards the best training possible.

At EDC, our instructors are dedicated to teaching you the proper and legal way to carry a firearm without intimidating our students. We teach to the higher standard of training, most often not taught in concealed carry classes.

There are many instructors to choose from.  Some are excellent instructors, while others do not even come close to meeting the minimum requirements by law. We exceed all requirements for Concealed Carry Classes for Missouri and Illinois.

Justifiable Use of Force:

As a student
, you will learn what justifiable use of force is and... 
                                 (read more) 

Missouri:  1600 Heritage Landing in St. Charles  
                    Qualifications take place at our                               outdoor range in Troy 

Missouri requires 8 hours of training with a live fire qualification. Illinois requires 16 hours of training with a live fire qualification. You will receive AT LEAST that much training in our classes

St Charles Missouri
$99 MO CCW

Guns, ammo, eye and ear protection are all provided
and included in cost

Handling Firearms:

During class you will learn firearm safety. You will learn the proper way to store your firearms when they are not being used, i.e. at home, or in a vehicle where you must leave it in order to enter a “no carry” area. You will learn proper gun handling techniques. You will learn how to safely load and unload your firearm. You will learn how to draw and re-holster a handgun. You will learn why most accidents occur and how you can train to avoid them. 

In addition to providing Concealed Carry classes, we also teach the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting course, Defensive Pistol, and the NRA Range Safety Officer course.

Our classes are informative and engaging for a wide range of students. There is no prior experience necessary, and we know you will feel comfortable in our no pressure classroom. We understand that firearms courses can cause some to feel nervous or uncomfortable, which is why we take pride in teaching firearm safety in a relaxed setting. Click on our Guest Book tab to hear what our students have to say.

Gift certificates are available. 
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For more information on class dates and times or to purchase gift certificates  Call 636.395.6229 or email
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EDC Firearms Training LLC
1600 Heritage Landing St. Charles, MO 63303
Phone: 6363956229