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Education. Safety. Responsibility. Respect.

We are approved instructors for Missouri and Illinois.
Approved curriculum # CCC13A0155

The world is a dangerous place, and your safety...maybe even a loved one's safety is your responsibility.

There are very real 
 if you choose to use your weapon in self defense. Proper training and continued practice is a must for every gun owner. Our instructors are extensively trained, and can share their personal experiences of being in life threatening situations involving a firearm.

We are NRA certified instructors who are dedicated to teaching you how to handle, operate and carry a firearm safely and legally.

EDC Firearms Training, LLC was formed to encourage firearms training, promote safe gun handling skills and to provide firearms courses to the public in the greater St Louis, St Charles, and Central Illinois areas.

Learning the state's laws, firearms safety, and safe shooting are all crucial components that will save your life, the life of a loved one, and will keep you out of jail.

In threatening situations, you can't always count on "official" assistance. But, if you're prepared, you can always count on yourself.

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All of our CCW, CCL and Basic Pistol Shooting courses include guns and ammunition at no extra charge. No additional range fees!

Eye and ear protection are also supplied.

The ISPD is revoking teaching permits from instructors who are not
requirementsand from instructors who do not have a concealed carry permit themselves. 

We deliver the most extensive firearm safety and justifiable use of 
deadly force information in your area.
You will leave with the knowledge and skills needed to safelylegally and confidently carry a concealed firearm. Don't settle for less.

Missouri:  1600 Heritage Landing in St. Charles Missouri.
                    Qualifications take place at our outdoor range in Troy 

Illinois:     308 North State St. in Litchfield IL 
                    Range in Hillsboro IL 

In addition to providing Concealed Carry classes, we also teach the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting course, the NRA FIRST Steps program, Defensive Pistol for Personal Protection, NRA Range Safety Officer course, Ladies Only CCW classes, Teen Safety and Awareness, and gun cleaning classes.

Our classes are informative and engaging for a wide range of students. There is no prior experience necessary, and we know you will feel comfortable in our no pressure classroom. We understand that firearms courses can cause some to feel nervous or uncomfortable, which is why we take pride in teaching firearm safety in a relaxed setting. Click on our Guest Book tab to hear what our students have to say.

Gift certificates are available. 
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For more information on class dates and times or to purchase gift certificates  Call 636.395.6229 or email
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EDC Firearms Training LLC
1600 Heritage Landing St. Charles, MO 63303
Phone: 6363956229