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Leather Wing Holster $85 (well spent)

First and foremost, I apologize for the time it took to get to this review. However, I wanted only to give this product a fair shake AFTER testing it extensively. Then I would review the product after actually using it as opposed to looking at how cool it is and writing a review as a way to get free stuff or a way to sell you products.

The holster arrived exactly as ordered. It is an OWB (outside the waistband) holster for use with a cover garment, although it has been used for open carry occasionally by the author. Upon opening the package we found a top quality professional looking product. The quality of construction was top notch, as were the materials used. The holster is made of Kydex with leather “wings” that have belt slots that help it conform to your body better.  This is a great example of how hybrid holsters can work successfully.  BlackPoint Tactical has certainly done their homework on how to build a holster properly, choosing what materials to use and how to make a holster that fits your gun. The kydex appears to be .093 thick which is ideal for rigidity and retention and for the ability to mold it specifically to your gun.

One of the key functions of the holster is to hold the gun, and the only way to hold the gun is with a properly fit holster.  Yes, really some companies will sell you something that is not properly molded. Some companies promote a universal or one size fits many guns holster.  A qualify holster is one that fits that specific gun and that one gun ONLY. BlackPoint Tactical’s fit was excellent, the gun literally “snaps” into the holster and still over a year later it is the same quality fit.  I have made no adjustments to any tension screws either from initial delivery of the product or throughout the entire time I have owned the product. This tells me that someone actually adjusted the screws before shipping the product, which goes to show you the quality control standards at BlackPoint Tactical. BlackPoint Tactial offers a 100% unconditional warranty on all of their holsters, so you know that if anything breaks you are covered.

The holster properly retains the gun though its design and molding. You can put the gun in the holster and turn it upside-down without it falling out. You can run with the gun in the holster likewise without the gun falling out too. So you don’t need to worry about the gun falling out while you are at your local grocery store either.

The trigger guard of the gun is completely covered, so there is no chance that you can hit the trigger while holstered. This also prevents things like pull strings on jackets or other foreign objects from getting into the trigger guard. Some holsters out there even allow parts of the holster to get in the way. There are some unsafe products on the market that don’t have trigger the guard covered. Stay away from them!

Access to the firearm is easy with the BlackPoint Tactical Leather Wing. There is a body shield on the back side of the holster. The holster allows easy complete gripping of the gun while it is in the holster for a safe draw stroke. As mentioned earlier the Kydex is .093 or equivalent which keeps the mouth of the holster open for putting the gun away easily and safely.

Overall we are very pleased with this product and give it 5 STARS. I don’t think you will ever need the warranty on this product. This holster is carried by at least one of us (Erin or Dennis) at least every other day. Over the last 14 -15 months this holster has been utilized exclusively for this gun (HK USPC 40). I have purposely used this holster at my concealed carry classes during the last lesson on “safely drawing and holstering your handgun” for over a year. During that section of the class, the gun is removed and holstered dozens and dozens of times during the presentation.  This holster has been used in several advanced pistol classes where 500-1000 rounds were fired, all done while drawing from the holster. It has been used in at least 2 local matches. The holster holds the gun in place firmly, yet allows easy drawing and holstering.  The holster completely covers the trigger guard, as any good holster should. This holster has certainly held up to the use and a little abuse from time to time and I am sure that you will get many years out of it.

I cannot stress this enough to new shooters and veterans alike. You need a quality holster that properly fits and functions. This will cost you a few dollars, but it is well worth the investment.  Take it from someone that has a box of useless holsters.  BlackPoint Tactical is a great product!

I look forward to getting a few more of these holsters. I need one for my Glock 19 now also!