EDC Firearms Training

Rocky Biggers reviewed EDC Firearms Training, LLC — 5 star
The class was great. Dennis answered all of our questions. I am making sure I recommend everyone to this place. Very Professional.

Tim Gerst reviewed EDC Firearms Training, LLC — 5 star
Absolutely amazing day of top notch training! Our instructor,Dennis, did an amazing job educating everyone from basic firearm cleaning/safety to extensive firearm laws. I recommend EDC to anyone and everyone from no firearm knowledge, to advanced. This is the CCW course for you! A+!!

Trisha Zang Wolf reviewed EDC Firearms Training, LLC — 5 star
Dennis was a great teacher. He was knowledgeable about not only guns, but the law. I feel like we left the class knowing so much more then we started with. Learned the truth about a lot of conceal and carry myths It was time and money well spent! Thanks Dennis!

January 30, 2016 John Sanfilippo says:

"I just completed the CCW class with Dennis & Erin. I have been around firearms most of my life but I am just an enthusiast. I took a Utah CCW class 10 years ago and was very disappointed. I learned more with EDC in one day than I had in 40+ years of firearm experience. The emphasis on proper gun handling and safety gave me the vital instruction I needed. EDC provides a solid foundation to build upon and I am confident that I will be able to acquire the additional skills I need to become a safe and responsible concealed carry citizen."

February 6 at 9:49pm Amanda Perren McKie says:
"The training and preparation I received at EDC is the standard at which all CC classes should be held to. Dennis and Erin are extremely knowledgeable, and attentive to each student's learning. In the classroom and on the range, you will learn all the basics of responsible firearm owning and carrying. Every gun owner should take this class!"