Revolvers VS Semi Auto

Let’s get some basics out of the way.  Revolvers have a rotating cylinder with multiple chambers. They usually have six chambers (hold six bullets) but sometimes have 5 or 7 or more chambers. The cylinder rotates to advance to a new chamber when the trigger is pulled or when the hammer is moved to the rear to cock the gun, and then you can fire that one round.  The cylinder would have to be rotated again to the next chamber to fire again.  This rotation can again be facilitated usually by pulling the trigger again or cocking the revolver with the hammer, but maybe not. We’ll get into that in a bit.

Semi auto pistols automatically fire ONE round for every pull of the trigger.  Semi autos have a magazine that holds ammunition and new rounds are fed into the chamber “automatically” after each round is fired, hence the name automatic. It does not mean that the gun will keep going off. 

Just to clarify, fully automatic is more than one round fired for each pull of the trigger. Most likely you will never encounter one of these. Special permission is needed (and a special tax of course) in order to own one of these. In the civilian world they are VERY expensive and typically in museums and private collections, sometimes they are available for rent at large gun ranges. They are fun to shoot but very expensive to feed, enjoy. In addition they are not “the most dangerous” guns as recently stated by our Commander In Chief. They are rarely, if ever used in the commission of a crime.

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