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Shooting it Straight

A radio show?  A blog? 

Yes and yes.  I’ve taken a break from Shooting it Straight the radio show for a while due to the death of my father.  I was always told to do something that I love to do.  I really love teaching people how to shoot.  My father was encouraging me to do the radio show and teach even when he wasn’t able to get out of bed and I was rescheduling classes around his health emergencies.   He wanted to go back to the range with me all the time. The reality that he would never get back out of the hospital had set in finally and unfortunately he never made it back to the range. Perhaps one day soon the radio show will be back on the air but right now we’ll leave it on the blog only.  

While doing the radio show I had the opportunity to work with some wonderful people at the station and did some interviews with some great shooters and great organizations. Some of them were old friends and some were new friends and all were gun enthusiast.  Thanks to Scott Gertken (producer) Thom West (the not so gun savvy shooting co-host), Joy, Project Appleseed, Mike Lumetta, Jesse Tischhauser, Doug Smith, Mike Seeklander and everyone I forgot to add… Oh and I still owe a radio interview to Gabby Franco. Sorry our schedules never clicked Gabby. I hope you are doing well.

So, what is Shooting it Straight? After many years teaching people to shoot and years of buying guns and gear and then making several mistakes along the way I thought about all of the ways that I could share this information and help new shooters out.  The radio show sounded like a good avenue for those people I hadn’t met. The best way would be to take a training class live and in person.  However I understand that many people out there want to get a gun first and do a little practicing before taking a class.  

I’ll be honest; it’s a lot easier to teach someone that hasn’t watched 50 tactical shooting videos on Youtube and developed bad habits, but give me some time and we’ll straighten that out too. Some people want to research things on the internet and quite honestly there is A LOT of misinformation floating around the internet.  One thing that you will notice is that I don’t sell anything here. I don’t sell guns, gear or ammo. I only sell training classes and only train responsible US citizens.  I try to keep current with all of the latest fads of self protection. Some of the products on the market are downright dangerous and some are about as useful in self defense as the “pet rock.” I will try to write some reviews of both good and bad gear that I see students buying or asking about and post my thoughts here as honestly and unbiased as I can. I will try to answer questions about gear and training in a timely manner.  

I will try to keep this page updated with common questions that I hear over and over again in class and at the range. If I see you at the gun store or gun show or a shooting match please stop and say hello.  As far as training, I try to keep an open mindset. What I mean by that is not every tactic is best for every person in every situation. I rely on proven techniques. That being said if there is a better way or safer way to do something, I am open to it.